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Clients Beware of Cheap Eyelash Extensions!

Allie Kok

Hi Girls,

Just thought you should all be aware of dodgy backyarders making a bad name for our field. This appeared in Today Tonight's broadcast 16/5/18.

Please be careful when choosing a lash tech and make sure you ask the right questions. If you are not sure and even a little uncertain, don't go ahead with the procedure because it could end up costing more than you bargained for.

For our beautiful students: this shows the importance of client care and follow up and making sure that the client is satisfied during AND after the procedure. Keep in constant contact with your clients making sure they are ok a day after the procedure, especially for new clients. Allergies can happen and make sure you are advising your clients that an allergy can occur and to advise you immediately if they feel irritated or slight swelling. If it does happen, this is manageable by removing the eyelashes asap to prevent even further irritation/swelling. The swelling will go down after a day or two however if the lashes are left on and/or too close to the skin, then it can become much worse as seen in this video. Please remember to make sure you are placing the lashes 1mm from the skin as placing them on the skin can create issues further on down the track including irritations, redness, swelling and even infections. We teach you all this in the course so please make sure you are following INSTRUCTIONS!