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Eyelash Extensions Training Adelaide & Melbourne CBD



I am the senior eyelash extension stylist & trainer at Le Lash Beautique in Adelaide South Australia & Melbourne. I am a perfectionist and I am not happy unless my beautiful clients are happy. Customer satisfaction is a must so if you would love gorgeous eyelashes, please contact me today!



My passion and love of the beauty industry, is what inspired me to follow my dreams, and launch Le Lash Beautique.

I want to share my passion and knowledge with other woman, to make them feel beautiful, rejuvenated and revitalised. 

During my journey of establishing and growing the business, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs…but my determination and perseverance, has allowed me to achieve my goals. 

My professional expertise, knowledge and experience in the beauty industry, will allow you to relax, and indulge in the tranquillity my services provide.


I’m so very blessed to have the opportunity to connect with you and get to know more about your struggles, your wins and your goals! So please feel free to ask me questions. I read all of them and try to answer them as I can!

I would like to introduce myself to you. My Name is Alie and I am the salon owner and Qualified Beauty Therapist of Le Lash Beautique.

After 12 successful years in the Real Estate World, I finally realised it wasn’t enough for me. It was time to pursue my passion and talent.

My passion has always been about inspiring and motivating women from all walks of life, to be the best that they can be, and helping them see their inner beauty and purpose through encouragement, motivation, support, love, care and my time.  My talents are deep routed in the arts, and over time as a hobby I discovered it was apparent in Nail Art and Makeup.  So I decided to combine my passion and my talent which led me to choose a career in Beauty Therapy.

During my time of studying, my passion for nails and makeup grew to include Skin Care, Massage and more. I knew beyond a doubt that I needed to open my own business. I graduated from Heather Langton Academy with my Diploma in Beauty Therapy in December of 2012 being awarded with ‘The Student of the Year’ also during this time finishing my uni degree in Pyschology. Equipped with 12 years of experience residential sales and now in property developmemt, Allie uses her expansive network to empower beauty professionals with the tools they need to increase clientele and connect with vendors. Her venture into the beauty industry began in 2013 when she decided to do a beauty course at Heather Langton. It was through her experiences in developing her own line that she became inspired to develop a small home business where beauty enthusiasts, professionals and close girl friends could enjoy feeling beautiful.

I then embarked on a new journey of establishing Le Lash Beautique… and here we are! It is important for me that your time at Le Lash Beautique is memorable, that the treatment and service you receive is excellent and you leave here feeling special. I ensure that every treatment I perform is done with passion, great care and attention to detail. I love what I do and it is reflective in the way I deliver each Treatment and Service. I believe in correctly using professional quality products, attending regular training to keep skills and techniques up to date, increasing my knowledge through regular research and education to ultimately deliver excellence in Beauty Therapy consistently.

They say success is born put of passion, a need and desire... and that's what I'm all about!


Thank you for being here!