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Eyelash Extensions Training Adelaide & Melbourne CBD



Eyelash Extension Training Course Adelaide/Melbourne

We provide very thorough and affordable eyelash extension training courses for anyone that wants to learn or start their own business. Students are provided a full days training with an option to purchase an Eyelash Extension Kit if required or can provide their own tools. Certification provided. National Accreditation options are available for students, including existing lash technicians wanting to seek further career advancements. Please enquire.

Congratulations to the latest students:


Want to become a highly paid eyelash extension therapist and earn $100 plus per hour or are you a beauty or hairdressing salon owner and want to add eyelash extensions to your service offerings? 

Welcome to the Le Lash Beautique Eyelash Extension Training Academy

Le Lash Beautique in Adelaide, Croydon and recently our new salon in Melbourne King St CBD, provides excellent training and certification for those interested in learning the art of Eyelash Extension Application or touching up their skills. 

Renowned as the leaders in Eyelash Extensions Training in Adelaide, Le Lash Beautique are the training academy of choice for many of the major brands within the beauty industry. Le Lash Beautique specialises in Eyelash Extension, Lash Lift and Eyebrow Threading Training and Certification.

We provide you with the necessary skillset to start your own business and learn how to apply and remove eyelash extensions correctly and with proficiency.

We provide the option for 1-on-1 training as we believe that students will benefit more from this service and we only want the absolute best for our students. We run group training twice a month on set days and 1-on-1 training on an ad-hoc basis depending on the students availability. Further Accreditation options can be organised with the students or currently practicing lash technicians at certain dates as arranged with our associated examiners.

Pros of 1-on-1 training versus group training:

  • A couple of hours with 1-on-1 training is worth the same as a whole days group training

  • After about 4 hours of training, one's ability to learn greatly diminishes so it's best to learn more efficiently in the first 4 hours of the course. We tend to tackle the theory section of the course at the very beginning when your mind is fresh and start on the practical based section in the afternoon. This way, you can absorb new information as quickly as possible, and be able to apply your newfound knowledge in the practical section.

  • In a class of multiple students, students must fight for the attention of the trainer. With 1-on-1 training, all of our attention is on you and so we can pick up on your mistakes and show you how to improve. With multiple students, it is harder to pick up on mistakes and hence decreases the efficiency of the learning process.

  • Each person is different, some learn quicker than others and we do not want to feel that students are being neglected if we are spending more time with another student.

  • 1 on 1 training is more personalised and with this sort of training it doesn't matter whether you are a slow learner or a quick learner. You receive our absolute full attention so that you can learn even quicker!

  • We can spend more time teaching you technique and fine tuning your technique which is very important in this industry. Again each person is different and has to adapt on the basic technique depending on how comfortable that person feels. Once the basic technique is mastered, then it needs to be fine tuned to that person. You will probably find that each lash technician does things a little differently because they feel more comfortable doing it a certain way and you will need to find the style and technique that suits you best.


Contact us today for information and if you are currently a Classic Lash Technician and would like insight into kits and products we offer, please click on the link to view our shop. 1 on 1 course dates are organised on an individual basis depending on availability of our highly qualified trainer and of course you! There is no set date and we work around your schedule.

No, we are not the cheapest out there but do you really want to pay to learn nothing or sub-par and old techniques? We make sure you come out learning everything about how to apply eyelash extensions properly and using the fastest speed techniques possible. And if you find you do not remember anything about the course, we provide FREE support/follow up training AND use of our salon for those that really struggle.


  • How to Set Up an Eyelash Extension Business

  • Insurance

  • Marketing techniques, resources, tricks and tips

  • Telephone and Appointment Techniques

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Lash styling and types of lashes

  • Contraindications for Eyelash Extension Application

  • Eyelash Extension Application

  • Removal of Eyelash Extensions

  • After Care Instruction and Health and Safety


  • How to Set Up a Volume Eyelash Extension Business

  • Insurance

  • Marketing techniques, resources, tricks and tips

  • Telephone and Appointment Techniques

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Classic vs Volume Lash

  • Why Volume lashing is better for the health of clients lashes

  • Weight of Volume lashes vs Classic Lashes

  • Premade vs Handmade Volume Lashes

  • Lash styling and types of lashes

  • Volume Fans

  • Volume Pickup Methods

  • Placement of Volume Fans

  • Sanitation/Sterilisation/Lash Hygiene

  • Allergies/Reactions & Risks

  • Contraindications for Eyelash Extension Application

  • Isolation

  • Volume Eyelash Extension Application

  • Removal of Eyelash Extensions

  • After Care Instruction and Health and Safety

(Please note: Eyelash Extension Kits will need to be purchased separately or own tools provided prior to commencement of the course. Please make sure you organise this ahead of schedule)

If you would like to organise your own model, please feel free to do so otherwise we will provide a training mannequin you may use for the day.

Light lunch/nibbles will be provided on the day.