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Eyelash Extensions Training Adelaide & Melbourne CBD



J curl – rarely used these days – looks too natural
B curl – natural looking curl, great for a natural look, typically asian clients or older clients

C curl – a great universal curl and a very popular choice
CC curl – adds more drama for a natural, yet drama c look
D curl – popular choice for an extra drama c look
L curl – used on super straight natural lashes and hooded eyes



J-Curl 0.06mm

7mm 12mm

8mm 13mm

9mm 14mm

10mm 15mm

11mm 16mm

B-Curl C-Curl


0.07mm 0.10mm 0.12mm

D-Curl 0.15mm

L-Curl 0.18mm


classic LASHES

0.12 – suitable for clients with thin and weak natural lashes
0.15 – suitable for clients with healthy natural lashes
0.18 – suitable for clients with strong natural lashes
0.20 – suitable for clients with extra strong natural lashes (rarely used – too heavy)
0.25 - Not suitable at all for clients and we suggest not to use them and try to convince your clients otherwise. If they prefer the 0.25 look and really really insist on using them, we suggest using an Ellipse lash 0.20 (see further below) as this will weigh lighter than a traditional 0.20mm lash but yet will still look like a 0.25mm lash.


volume application - for experienced techs only

0.03‐0.07 – ultra fine extensions (2‐8 extensions can be applied to one natural lash)
0.10 – fine extensions (2‐3 applied to one natural lash – used for advanced technique of capping and stacking).